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Rental of cold stores and warehouses

Large capacity in warehouses

We have a large capacity of warehouses for storage of a wide range of very different products. We have, for example, the so-called bulk warehouses for storing large quantities of nuts, grains, etc.

If you look beyond the port’s area, you will quickly be able to spot the Port of Aarhus’ own warehouses, as they are all numbered. Our warehouses are characterized by the fact that they are in good condition and are conveniently located near the quay.

Warehouses and cold stores

In addition to the port’s own warehouses, we also have warehouses that the companies at the port have built themselves. We rent out the areas on which the companies build the warehouses.

At the port, several companies offer complete storage and freezing solutions for refrigerated and frozen goods. The companies have facilities for freezing, repackaging and sorting, so that the port’s customers can import, export and distribute their goods in an unbroken cold chain.

Carsten Kruse

Chief Commercial Officer

For further information about this business area, please contact Carsten Kruse.

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: + 45 30 10 55 25

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