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Answers to frequently asked questions.

Where does Molslinjen sail from?

Molslinjen has been moved down to Østhavnen (Eastern port). The new ferry terminal is located at Færgevej 7A, 8000 Aarhus C. If you follow Østhavnsvej all the way to the end, you will arrive at the terminal. For more information, visit Molslinjen.

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How do I get access to the ISPS-secured area at the Port of Aarhus?

If you have regular business errands there, you can access the ISPS-secured area with a port card or a brobizz access. You can find information about port cards, brobizz access and other security measures here.

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How do I collect a container that has arrived at the port?

You must contact the shipping company or the shipping agent who has had the transport task. The Port of Aarhus has nothing to do with the collection of containers.

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What are the rules for delivering ship waste at the port of Aarhus?

As a rule, the Port of Aarhus receives the waste that the ships have generated since the last port. This applies, for example, to operational waste, paint residues, sewage waste water and residues of oil and oil mixtures.

No later than 24 hours before call, the ship broker must, on behalf of the ship, notify the amount and type of waste that the ship is expected to have on board at call. In addition, the broker must order packaging for the fractions, which must be in special containers - this can be, for example, for medicine residues and pyrotechnics.

Operational waste from ships shall be placed in waste containers located most places around the port. If delivery of waste requires support from the Port of Aarhus, we charge an hourly fee within normal working hours, which is Monday-Thursday from 7 to 15 and Friday from 7 to 14.30. Outside normal working hours (on call) we charge a minimum of four hours.

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How do I order fresh water at the Port of Aarhus?

You must contact Container and Tank Cleaning A/S by telephone + 45 86 19 66 55.

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What options do I have for renting meeting rooms in the Port Centre?

If your company or organisation is domiciled in the port area - or is affiliated with one or more of the port's companies - you have the opportunity to rent rooms in the Port Centre.

If you are interested, please send your inquiry to [email protected].

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