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Arrival of cruise ships

Among the largest

The Port of Aarhus is one of Denmark’s largest cruise destinations and the port’s location is perfect for those guests who are looking for different experiences in the Baltic Sea region.

Cruise quay near the city

The Port of Aarhus welcomes guests at a dedicated cruise quay close to the city. In addition, we have an alternative port of call in the Eastern port, where the water depth is 13.5 meters. When the guests leave the ship, the sight of the old Cathedral Tower quickly appears. The cathedral forms the entrance to the Latin Quarter, which is a historic area dating back to the 13th century - possibly earlier.

The City of Smiles

Aarhus is Denmark’s second largest city, and it has the nickname "City of Smiles". This fits unusually well with surveys showing that our cruise tourists emphasise the friendliness of the locals and the courtesy of the shop staff in the city’s shops. But Aarhus is much more than kindness and courtesy.

The cultural Aarhus

Aarhus is characterized by a large offer of cultural experiences and many educational institutions, just as we have several specialty shops with Danish design, department stores and Danish food shops with specialties that can be tasted across the counter. In addition, we have a large selection of restaurants with, amongst other things, Danish and Nordic gourmet food that can be enjoyed in a safe and fun environment.

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