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Security / ISPS

The requirements for security at the port of Aarhus vary depending on the types of cargo/passengers handled in the different areas of the port. Therefore, the port is divided in terms of security into different areas that correspond to the requirements that are set. International and national legislation dictates the level of security at the port. Internationally, the SOLAS ISPS Code and EU directives apply in this area. Nationally, the Danish Transport Authority’s executive orders on ports and port facilities apply.

At the port of Aarhus, this means, among other things, that there is access control. This means that you must have a legal errand at the port to enter, just as you must be able to identify yourself. Parts of the port are closed to the public.

Ship arrival

No later than 24 hours before arrival, the ship/broker must inform the Port of Aarhus of:

  • The ship’s data (as stated in the current tonnage certificate).
  • Expected time of arrival.
  • Current draft.
  • Expected need for assistance.
  • Port of departure.
  • Purpose of the call (loading/unloading etc.).
  • Loading type and quantity.
  • Shipper/receiver.

Potentially owner/declaration of guarantee
The call information is sent by e-mail to: [email protected].

The Port of Aarhus must then be kept up to date on an ongoing basis if changes occur to the call details. In addition, the ship/broker must notify the ship call to SafeSeaNet in accordance with the Mandatory Reporting Directive.

Report ship calls to SafeSeaNet
Aarhus Havns Customer Coordination Centre (1)

Declaration of Security (DOS)

Crews wishing to go ashore must be in possession of photo identification documents. A security declaration is issued only under the following conditions:

  • The ship operates at a different security level than the Port of Aarhus.
  • A security threat or incident has affected the ship or facility.
  • The ship has been in a port/facility that is not required to have and implement an approved security plan.

Ships which meet one of the above security conditions and which wish to be issued a security declaration must apply to the Port of Aarhus at [email protected].

Subsequently, the ship is asked to anchor at Aarhus Red and await the port’s chief security officer and/or the port facility’s PFSO. All costs associated with the issuance of DoS shall be borne by the ship.

Pakhus på Aarhus havn med containerterminal i baggrunden

Drone flying

The following procedure description must be followed with each request for permission to fly drones in the area of the Port of Aarhus:

  • Drone flying at the port of Aarhus, regardless of the purpose, may only take place with the permission of the Port of Aarhus (granted by PSO).
  • Flying a drone within 150 m horizontally from column 3 companies (Companies that store flammable, explosive, poisonous or environmentally hazardous substances) require permission from the companies concerned.
  • The Port of Aarhus may at any time demand to see approval and authorization for drones and drone operators.
  • The Port of Aarhus reserves the right to assess whether a desired drone flight will annoy other interests in the port’s/customers’ area and from here decide whether the flight can be made (among other things in accordance with Executive Order 1190, Act on TV surveillance).
  • Permits can in principle only be granted as a one-off permit (which must be applied for each time a flight is desired). The application should be sent to: [email protected].

Map showing the categorization of the Port of Aarhus’ areas in terms of drone flying (source: droneluftrum.dk).

Droneflyvning Red 1

Port card or brobizz access?

To gain access to the port’s secured areas, you must have either a port card or a brobizz access.

To request a port card or a brobizz access, your company must fill out the form below and confirm that you must have access to the port areas.

As a rule, we only provide access to our partner companies. If you are a new company and want access to the port, you must contact us with your company information and what your purpose is at the port.

Forms and applications for access are sent to: [email protected].

Luftfoto af Molslinjen der forlader Aarhus havn

Poul Pedersen

Port Security Manager, PSO

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: +45 20 60 52 24


If you are in doubt about anything in relation to security and ISPS at the Port of Aarhus, please contact our PSO.