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Concrete initiatives

At the Port of Aarhus, we work with several different concrete solutions to help ensure that we can achieve our goal of becoming Denmark’s most sustainable port.

Environmental Shipping Index

The Port of Aarhus is the first port in Denmark to offer discounts for environmentally friendly ships based on the “Environmental shipping index”. We calculate the discount in relation to a ship’s contribution of NOx, SOx and CO2 as well as the ship’s ability to receive shore power.

Mærsk-skib på containerterminalen

Shore power

The Port of Aarhus’ own ships use shore power, and at the ferry terminal in the Eastern port we have established shore power for Molslinjen’s ferries. It is our goal that in the long run we will be able to deliver 100 pct. green power to shore-side power plants.

Kran i gang med at arbejde

Green engines

We are constantly replacing our cars, ships, cranes and machines with more sustainable models. Diesel engines are being replaced by petrol/electric engines that also have higher efficiency.

Verdensmål biler foran Havnecentret (1)

Sustainable lighting

In the port area, we have continuously replaced most of our lighting with LED to use the smallest possible amount of energy. We have also installed intelligent lighting so that it is adapted to the surroundings and activities. These measures have reduced our electricity consumption on roads, squares and in warehouses by approx. 80 pct.

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We work with biodiversity both at sea and on land. We have therefore sown wild flowers, which are particularly attractive to bees. We have also established breeding grounds for fish in the port and thereby contribute to increased life and biodiversity in the sea area by the port.

Undervandsbillede af de nye Biohuts

Garbage sorting

Together with several shipping companies, we are in the process of an experiment with waste sorting, which means that the ships sort waste on board and when calling at Aarhus, they can deliver the sorted waste for recycling in a number of containers on the quay. Thereby we reduce the amount of waste to be incinerated.

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