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World’s biggest cold storage company coming to Port of Aarhus

Created: 2021

Lineage Logistics, the world’s biggest company within cold storage products and temperature-controlled logistics, has acquired Lundsøe Køl og Frys A/S. One of the reasons behind the acquisition was Lundoe’s location in the Port of Aarhus.

Lineage Logistics is based in Michigan, USA, and owns over 53.8 million cubic metres of cold storage facilities in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The company supplies innovative solutions within cold storage, including transport, customs clearance, port logistics, sorting, processing, production and related value-creating services.

Nicolai Krøyer is Customer Manager at the Port of Aarhus, and looks forward to working with this global cold storage company. He points out that the significant growth in recent years in the number of reefer containers handled by the Port of Aarhus creates the perfect climate for a new presence in the port.

“Over the last three years, our container business has grown 26%, a large proportion of which is food products. We have brought the Greenland traffic to Aarhus, which means higher turnover within fish products, while the export of dairy and meat products has grown significantly,” he states.

The acquisition brings Lineage Logistics to Denmark for the first time, taking over a cold storage specialist in the Port of Aarhus that grew out of its new, highly-advanced 4,000 sq.m. freezer store in almost record time. Lundsøe Køl og Frys opened a new facility with space for 10,000 pallets on 1 June 2019, and sold all its capacity within two months. But Lundsøe already has Stage 2 on the drawing board, with 17,000 pallet spaces, and plans a Stage 3 due to be started in 2022. The acquisition will not change any of the plans for the Eastern Harbour in Aarhus.

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