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Port of Aarhus introduces increased charges for cruise ships not connecting to shore power

November 9, 2023

This summer marked a historic moment at the cruise ship quay in Aarhus when the Port of Aarhus inaugurated Denmark's first shore power facility for cruise ships. Now, the port is introducing a new fee model that makes it more expensive for those cruise ships who do not connect to the facility, when they choose dock in Aarhus.

An increasing number of cruise ships choose to dock at the Port of Aarhus, and it appears that 2023 may bring another record season with 68 calls.

The Port of Aarhus expects that nearly 40% of the cruise ships, that have chosen to dock at the cruise ship quay since the shore power facility opened, have been connected to the facility, by the end of the season. However, starting from the next season, cruise ships entering the port without switching their diesel engines to green power from the shore power facility will face a new fee.

"We chose to lead the way when we established shore power for cruise ships, and now we choose to take another step forward in creating the right incentives to connect to the facility and receive power. It is crucial for the environment that we reduce local pollution, and we want to contribute to that," says Thomas Haber Borch, CEO of the Port of Aarhus.

Driving Green Development in Europe

The Port of Aarhus' new fee model imposes an additional charge of 0,75 DKK per gross ton on cruise ships calling at the cruise ship quay in Aarhus and not connecting to the shore power facility. This results in an additional fee ranging from DKK 50,000 to DKK 75,000 per cruise ship.

"Since the opening, we have encountered significant interest in our shore power facility from cruise shipping companies. There is no doubt that the possibility of connecting to shore power is an important parameter for the shipping companies now and in the future. We want to drive this development also at the European level, and we do so with our new fee model, making it cheaper to be green and more expensive to be black," says Thomas Haber Borch, who mentions that the port is prepared to bid farewell to cruise ships that opt-out of Aarhus due to the new fee model.

"When developing an entirely new fee model, as we are doing here, it has been important for us to be in ongoing dialogue with the shipping companies. We have received positive feedback, and therefore, my expectations are that our new fee model will not mean fewer cruise ships for Aarhus but rather more, and notably more connections to the shore power facility. And if there are shipping companies that opt-out of Aarhus due to the new fee model, it's not something that keeps me awake at night," says Thomas Haber Borch.

The Port of Aarhus' fee model for cruise ships comes into effect on January 1st, 2024. The funds from the fee will be earmarked by the Port of Aarhus for new initiatives aimed at green transformation and sustainability.


Denmark's first shore power facility for cruise ships is in operation. The facility is funded by the Port of Aarhus, the EU, and Aarhus Municipality.

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The Port of Aarhus opened the shore power facility in June 2023.

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