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Denmark's first shore power facility for cruise ships is now ready at the Port of Aarhus


Denmark's first shore power facility for cruise ships has just been inaugurated at the cruise quay of the Port of Aarhus. This took place with the arrival of the cruise ship AIDAMar, which was connected to the shore power facility.

The shore power facility enables cruise ships docked in Aarhus to switch off their diesel engines and instead receive green electricity directly from Danish wind turbines.

This means, that there is no longer noise and pollution from the emitting diesel engines, making it, according to Anne Zachariassen, the COO of the Port of Aarhus, an important step towards sustainability.

"We work every day to become the most sustainable port in the Baltic Sea region. Therefore, we are proud to be the first Danish port to offer cruise ships green electricity directly from wind turbines when they are docked in Aarhus. It is a very important step towards green transition," says Anne Zachariassen, who is also excited to see great interest from cruise companies in the new shore power facility.

"There is significant interest from the cruise companies in making their ships capable of receiving shore power. We already see that all the ships that can use shore power are willing to do so. Sustainability is playing an increasingly important role for the companies because it is demanded by the customers. Therefore, I am convinced that the possibility of connecting to shore power will become an even more important parameter for the companies in the future."

Shore power is the future for cruise ships.

AIDA Cruises is one of the cruise companies that increasingly visit the Port of Aarhus. With the cruise ship AIDAMar, they inaugurated Denmark's first shore power facility, and the ship's captain, Manuel Pannzek, is pleased that the Port of Aarhus is now the fourth port in Europe where AIDA Cruises can connect their cruise ships.

"It is a fantastic step in the right direction. Globally, there are only about 30 ports in the world that can provide shore power to cruise ships of this size. Many of the ports that were the first to establish shore power in the world were on the U.S. West Coast, and European ports have followed suit. When we look at Europe, the number of ports offering shore power to cruise ships is increasing, and it is fantastic that the Port of Aarhus is the first in Denmark."

A cruise ship like AIDAMar typically stays at the dock in Aarhus for 8 to 10 hours before sailing out into the world. Therefore, shore power is a great advantage, according to Manuel Pannzek, who sees it as crucial for the future of cruise ships.

"We spend a significant number of hours in port every day, and when we have the opportunity to supply our ship with green power from the shore and turn off our engines during those hours, it is a great benefit for the environment. I am confident that shore power is the way forward for the cruise industry, and I hope that other ports will establish shore power as the Port of Aarhus has done.", concludes Manuel Pannzek.

The shore power facility has been financed in collaboration with Aarhus Municipality and the EU.

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