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Services on land


The Port of Aarhus is responsible for crane operations of all the port’s bulk cranes as well as crane operations in connection with loading and unloading of general cargo, such as wind turbine parts. Our container cranes are leased to the container operators, who are responsible for the crane operations at the Container Terminal. The Port of Aarhus is responsible for lubrication, inspection and maintenance of both the container cranes and the bulk cranes.

Snow removal

From 1 October to 31 March, we have a 24-hour service with regard to salt spreading and snow removal on the port’s own areas, just as we offer that service to other companies of the port.

A cleaner port

We also take care of cleaning of areas and maintenance of the port. It is important for both our customers and their employees that the port is an area that is properly cleaned and maintained so that all operations can take place without inconvenience from previous activities and at the same time is a nice place to work.

We have our own sweeping/suction machines that efficiently clean large areas, just as we have equipment for mowing and weed control. At a port, there is often a need to get high up, which is why we have our own lift, and in addition we have a number of machines as well as trucks with cranes and grab. Finally, we have our own loaders, which we use for various tasks at the port.

Customer Coordination Centre

For further information about our services at sea, please contact our Customer Coordination Centre.

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: + 45 86 13 32 66

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