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Services at sea

Full-service port

The Port of Aarhus is a full-service port. This means, among other things, that we offer everything within piloting, towing and cable routing.


According to the Pilotage Act, there is a pilotage obligation for some ship types, but our pilots to a large extent also assist ships without a pilotage obligation. We have our own port assistants who are masters of the pilot boats, and they also handle cable routing, port supervision, etc. The port assistants sail the pilots out into the bay so that the pilots are ready when the ships approach the pilot buoy.

Cable cars and tugboats

In most cases, our port assistants, who take care of the mooring tasks, use our cable cars. The cars are placed on the quay, where the ship’s bow and stern must be. Ships that cannot dock with their own help can request assistance from the port’s tugboats. The Port of Aarhus has the tugboats Aros and Hermes to assist the ships in and around the Port of Aarhus. The two tugboats have resp. 55 and 66.5 ton pile hauls.

Customer Coordination Centre

For further information about our services at sea, please contact our Customer Coordination Centre.

Mail: [email protected]

Phone: + 45 86 13 32 66

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