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Loading and unloading of container ships

Denmark's largest container port

Experts have shown that cities that have container terminals are growing faster in terms of population and growth than areas that do not have container terminals. And often there is a relatively larger proportion of export companies near container terminals.

The Port of Aarhus is Denmark’s largest container port with a market share of over 70 pct. of the containers sold in this country.

It can rightly be said that the city of Aarhus and the port of Aarhus are living examples of what the experts have found, and our catchment area houses a number of the largest export companies in Denmark.

One of Europe's most efficient

But we are not just the biggest. We have also on several occasions been measured to be one of Europe’s most efficient container ports and among the most efficient in the world. This means that we perform more container lifts per crane hour than many of the very large container ports in Europe and the rest of the world.

The world's largest container ships

With our container cranes, we serve some of the world's largest container ships, which call at the port of Aarhus on a regular service every week.

An extensive route network

But in addition to the very large container ships, we have calls of a large number of other container ships, and we thus have an extensive route network to most of the world.

Optimal accessibility

There is optimal accessibility both to and from the container terminal. Traffic measurements show that on average it only takes between 4 and 5 minutes to drive between the port of Aarhus and the E45 motorway, and from here there is a motorway all the way to the southern tip of Italy. In addition, we have railway tracks all the way to the quays at the container terminal and thus both north, south and westbound railway connections to the rest of Denmark.

Jesper Skatka

Commercial Manager

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