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Handling of solid and liquid bulk

Denmark's largest public bulk port

The Port of Aarhus is Denmark’s largest public solid-bulk port. We handle solid and liquid bulk at several different terminals: the Bulk Terminal, the Multi Terminal), the Omni Terminal and the Oil Terminal.

Grains and feedingstuffs

At the Bulk Terminal and the Multi Terminal, we typically handle grain and feedingstuffs, but also coal, fertiliser and project goods. The terminals can be called at by five Panamax-sized ships at once, and on the quays are several gantry cranes with a double-arm tilting system ready to operate the ships.


We also offer ship-to-ship operations (STS), where the bulk goods (eg. biofuel) arrive at the port with large ships and here are transhipped to smaller ships (or barges), which then sail the goods to other ports - typically with smaller water depth. STS operations take place with our container cranes and with the same high efficiency and productivity that we perform in container operations - ie. many fast and heavy lifts per hour and thus low handling costs.

The Omni Terminal

At the Omni Terminal we have calls for self-unloading ships with stones and gravel. In the spring of 2020, a 420-tonne mobile crane was purchased, which will primarily work at the Omni Terminal, but it can also supplement the other cranes at other terminals.

Oil products

The Oil Terminal is docked by tankers that unload both vegetable and mineral oil products through advanced piping systems. A global food supplier processes large amounts of vegetable oils and fats at their factory in the port of Aarhus, just as a number of companies offer storage of liquid oil products in their tank farms at the port.

Jesper Skatka

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Morten Kusk

Commercial Manager

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